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All TTBC technical staff have extensive previous experience in various Local and Regional Government Authority building departments and hail from building trade backgrounds with many being registered builders.  This experience ensures that TTBC technical staff can provide realistic, cost effective recommendations that can, in most cases, be actioned without the need for an additional site visit to develop a scope of works. 

From experiences gained TTBC have recognised the real needs of the client and are always eager to provide superior service. Our organisation has approved Domestic and Commercial building works in over 30 Local Government areas throughout the State of Queensland and has solid alliances throughout Australia.

"Our aim is to provide fast and efficient service that will stand up to the most critical procedural audit."

The Defence environment is a restricted space enclosing a broad range of facilities and disciplines governed by a regimented chain of command. An understanding of this environment is important when navigating the Establishments, Bases and communicating with the point of contact. These factors can be overwhelming to a contractor who has limited Defence experience and, for example, does not understand the chain of command and rank structure. TTBC have been members of the Defence Infrastructure Panel - Fire Safety & Hazard Management Consultants since 2005 and specialise in providing fire safety and building certification consultancy and are the most experienced consultants available to conduct Fire Safety Surveys (FSS) for the Department of Defence or any other business entity requiring this service.

"We encourage you to ask for our early advice to ensure the best opportunity for smooth and trouble free approvals."

The organisation extends every opportunity for our personnel to gain further knowledge and skill in the evolving practice of certification. Committed to continuing professional development through ongoing training, our personnel are at the cutting edge of their field.

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