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Our Mission

“To provide an ethical expert service to clients, understanding their individual needs, maintaining quality, professionalism and striving to be the partner of choice, with the fundamental goal to deliver profitable growth.”

Our Beginning

TT Building Consultants was originally founded in 1992 by Stuart Titheradge who identified a need for an independent certification practice to service South East Queensland. Business boomed and at the introduction of private certification in Queensland in 1998, TT Building Consultants was the largest private certification practice on the Sunshine Coast and quickly became one of the larger practices in Queensland.

TT Building Consultants gained the expertise and experience to be a leading building certification practice heavily involved with the Aged Care Facilities Reforms in the late 1990’s. Stuart was appointed as an assessor to undertake assessments of aged care facilities in every state of Australia.  TT Building Consultants became a leading certifier of new and existing aged care building work, built or upgraded to comply with the stringent Aged Care Certification Guidelines, that was issued by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.

TT Building Consultants relationship with the Australian Defence Force commenced in 1998 with Principle Building Surveyor, Rodney Smith certifying the Stage 2 Lavarack Barracks Live in Accommodation precincts in Queensland.  Through this ongoing relationship, TT Building Consultants have carried out certification and fire safety projects for Defence  throughout Australia as well as external territories and have certified a wide range of buildings for Defence include aircraft hangars, storage facilities, live in accommodation, office accommodation, hazardous chemical storage facilities, training facilities, storage facilities, workshops and mess buildings.

In 2009 TT Building Consultants became a member of the Northern Territory Panel for the Provision of Professional Services, Building Certification discipline. TT Building Consultants have been undertaking Building Certification on various Northern Territory Government buildings such as schools, administration buildings, process and manufacturing buildings, hospitals and tourist facilities. Principle Building Surveyor, Rodney Smith, manages all Northern Territory certification works and is the Northern Territory Government Taskforce Representative.

Due to exponential growth in the Government and Defence sectors, Stuart recognised the need to split the business into two separate identities. In 2008, TT Building Surveyors was born and focused on the growing aged care and general commercial markets allowing TT Building Consultants to focus on the Government, Defence and the Tier 1 market.

In 2017 the Board of Directors identified the need to change the TT Building Surveyors brand to represent the long-term vision, goals and to include an international element for the business and the organisation was rebranded to Formiga1.

TT Building Consultants and Formiga1 maintain a close working relationship between the brands, allowing for collaboration where required to ensure that all client requirements are met to our own high standards, the standards expected by our clients and that any surge in work is able to be catered for by either brand.

What We Do

TT Building Consultants specialise in Fire Safety, Commercial Building Certification, Building Code of Australia (BCA) Compliance, Building Audits and Property Condition & Dilapidation Survey services.

TT Building Consultants have been engaged on many private and government design teams to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and specialised client criteria. TT Building Consultants are committed to continuing professional development through ongoing training which ensures our entire team of both Building Surveyors and Administration Specialists are at the cutting edge of their field. 

Our People

Six qualified Building Surveyors accredited by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) and four highly trained Administrative Specialists make up the permanent TT Building Consultants team. Stuart recognises that the people who make up TT Building Consultants are its strength and actively encourages personal and professional growth and development. The directors of TT Building Consultants fund professional development seminars, training days, qualification and skill upgrades as well as non-work-related sporting, travel and leisure events in recognition of the team and their contribution to the organisation. 

To ensure the staff are always leaders in their field and to maintain the currency of their knowledge, TT Building Consultants conducts bi-annual training conferences lasting two to three days where the entire TT Building Consultants team come together to receive formal training to update their skills and sharing of on the job experiences. Guest speakers from Defence and industry professionals are also invited as presenters.  The technical content of the TT Building Consultants training sessions is of such a high standard, it is recognised by the AIBS Continual Professional Development (CPD) Scheme.

Experience & Capability    

TT Building Consultants have the experience and capability to offer its clients a comprehensive range of services including: 

·       Undertake certification of building and construction works;

·       Undertake Building Code of Australia compliance audits;

·       Undertake Fire safety Surveys;

·       Draft and produce building drawings including detailing the building’s essential safety measures and evacuation diagrams in accordance with AS 3745;

·       Undertake Essential Safety Measures Maintenance Audits;

·       Undertake combined audits of Fire Safety, Building Appraisal and Fixed Plant and Equipment

Based in South East Queensland with head office located in the heart of Maroochydore on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, TT Building Consultants have a proven track record of being able to service all locations throughout Australia, External Australian Territories and South East Asia on a fly in fly out basis.

Should a surge capacity be required, TT Building Consultants have the ability to call upon staff from our sister company Formiga1 to assist in the delivery of the required services. Formiga1, has offices in;

·       Brisbane, Queensland

·       Sydney, New South Wales

·       Melbourne, Victoria

·       Auckland, New Zealand

If and when required, TT Building Consultants are also able to utilise the Formiga1 offices on an as needs basis.


Defence is a unique client in terms of Building Fire Safety and Certification as they require compliance with not only the Building Code of Australia (BCA) but also the Manual of Fire Protection Engineering (MFPE), Defence Estate Quality Management System and Defence Safety Manual.The Defence building certification process is unique with regard to building specific requirements and processes that must be followed to facilitate Building Approval. TT Building Consultants are extremely familiar with the level and type of information that needs to be obtained from Defence user groups and other project stakeholders.  One of TT Building Consultants lead services is providing clarity to the processes that need to be followed to achieve building approval via either a deemed to satisfy or Performance pathway.

The newly introduced MFPE 2018 Edition 2 has largely altered the specific requirements for various building uses, especially where associated with areas of the building which have a recognised intolerable loss criticality assessment. TT Building Consultants have had extensive experience in addressing these areas which now require a far more stringent process of determination as to types of active and passive protection, the gaining of Defence approvals for these determinations and the required communication of the ongoing impacts of the compliance methods used for these areas.

Since 2002, TT Building Consultants have assessed over 46,000 Defence buildings located in all parts of Australia and South East Asia as part of the Fire Safety Survey Program.  Over this period of time TT Building Consultants has developed well-honed procedures for deploying our staff in the most economical way and can economically undertake building certification work for any Defence project regardless of location.

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